"During the almost twenty years I have known Francesco, his work has always been of the highest quality."  

Peter D. Callahan, Stockbroker


"Francesco Pugliese has been my tailor for over fifteen years.  His expertise in choosing the right fabric and color combinations has always pleased me and brought compliments on my wardrobe.  He not only is the only one I trust to fit me in the proper weight for the season, but he takes great pride in his work.  I could not be more pleased.  Francesco is not only my tailor, but my dear friend.  I look forward to my visits with him and our discussions on current events."

James J. Thomasson, Jr.  MD, President, MYRTLETECH


"Francesco Pugliese is truly a master of the needle thread!"

Harris T. Bellows, Retired, 50 Years as Fashion Consultant, Ladies Apparel


"I did not know what it was like to have clothes that fit until I came to Francesco.  I am a difficult fit because of a physical disability and I had been to many tailors, none of them could solve the problem.  Francesco's approach is to innovate until he arrives at a solution and he is relentless.  With every new garment, he strives for improvement.  I only wish I had found him earlier in my life."

William Dyer, Architect


"Francesco has been my tailor for over 15 years and I couldn't be happier.  His attention to detail is unmatched and the quality and selection of fabrics are the best in Atlanta."

Paolo G. Tolusso


"For 25 years have I known Francesco.   First came custom made shirts in 1980 and regularly since then.  Soon, I had to add custom trousers, and I loved them every time I wore them. For my medical school reunion celebration, we did shirts, tuxedo, suit and a Dormeuil black double-breasted blazer.  I remember feeling like a prince at the gatherings wearing my perfectly styled clothing.  Subsequent suits, sport coats, slacks, shirts and ties have all been a joy to wear.  I cannot go out without receiving a compliment.  Over the years, Francesco has made sure that his suppliers and the goods he offers are the best available.  The finished garments fit perfectly and feel wonderful.  He is a master of his craft and a great friend. "
Robert E. Chandlee, M.D.